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How to earn $1 per minute?

Hello everybody. Today I would like to tell you about a very interesting strategy it is fairly well-known, but few people use it in binary options The system is called the Martingale system. It is extremely simple and does not necessitate any special abilities. So, you make the minimum bet, and in case of loss, you bet the amount that will cover the previous loss. 

How to earn $1 per minute?How to earn $1 per minute?

1. Earn $1 per minute

Earn $1 per minute

Look how it works: I specifically demonstrate it to you on my account, which was actually replenished with $1,000. I did not replenish the account for $1,000 there was about $400 on it and that's the money I earned in about a week. 

I am warning you from the very beginning that binary options carry the same degree of risk as any other way of earning, such as Forex, binary options, and financial exchanges. So, let's begin. What do we need? We need any bet in any direction. 

2. Martingale system

Martingale system

Of course, I trust the Martingale system, but also rely on my own instincts and my intuition, so I will make the first bet within a minimum threshold. We make a $1 bet and watch – logic suggests that the rate is expected to grow by the end of the red line, so we bet for a rise – $1 and wait I will be scrolling some moments to save your time. 

This is why after making the bet I will fast to let us finish quickly because it is a very long process. You can pay attention to my bets made before I started as I have already played today. Everything is within limits – if I lost, I regained my money. So, watch. Why is the Martingale system interesting? Because it sometimes seems absolutely absurd. 

Now I'll show you why it seems absurd. Watch. We lost the first bet, right? Now we need to be sure to bet $3 for a fall that is down. It seems absurd, but sometimes you bet for a fall and your bet wins, although it seems absurd to bet for a fall since the rate will surely go up. 

3. New Strategy 

Therefore, you cannot deviate from the strategy – if you use the Martingale strategy, it is best to use it from start to finish and not to change your principles, otherwise, you can just lose money. Watch further. As you can see, we're still losing. 

So we just increase the bet I will later give you a whole list of bets in what order and direction you should bet. Now we make a bet for a rise. Another example: now I was just in a hurry, but actually sometimes you should better wait for minimum positions at the bottom if we bet for a rise. In other words, it would be better to make a bet now at this price, but I was in a hurry – I am excited and nervous, so it is best to make a bet at the minimum positions. 

Now we watch whether the rate goes up. And again, we lose. Now we should bet for a fall. This time, we will take time and wait. We change the bet for 40 and make it. и ставим I'm glad that we did not get a winning series, so I can show you how it happens происходит и почему не стоит огорчаться and why you should not be upset if suddenly you cannot just win. We will win anyway, I guarantee. Here we won our option, won back our money, and multiplied it. 

You can rewind and see the amount with which we started и сколько у нас в итоге получилось and how much we got in the end. So, we go on. If we previously bet for a fall, now we need to bet for a rise. We change the bet for $1 again, wait for the minimum position and make a bet. Again, I think that the market will go down, but the Martingale system compels us to bet for a rise. Here, we lost, and now we bet $3 for a fall. 

Sometimes you feel the absurdity of the bet – you think that you should have made it in the opposite direction. But when you make a bet in the opposite direction, the system breaks down and we end up losing already at other bets – we are losing to a binary broker at higher bets. a binary broker at higher bets. 

Therefore, it is better not to change the strategy – it is as it is. Now it would seem to go up – but no, in the end, the price went down, although it seemed absurd to bet for a fall. It just proves that binary options are really an unpredictable market. A great experience is required to predict it, but the Martingale system does not require such an experience – we now just bet for a rise. 

It would seem that everything indicated the market will go up, but no – the market still manages to sink lower than our bet. I would have been very nervous in this case, if I had used a different strategy. 

But actually, you should not worry because our strategy is working in 99% of cases. Here again, we won. Our amount has already increased, so you can rewind and remember once again – I just do not remember how much money we had in the beginning. 

4. Explanation of the strategy 

We continue, bet $1 again, and bet it for a fall. I should have hurried up and made a bet somewhere in this range. Do not worry, we’ll just continue. It’s just that when we bet with a reserve, with some odds, we have more chances to win. But actually, here it does not matter – when you play and make your own bets, you will do this automatically – you will know when to bet and when not to bet. Even at this level, we have won the bet. Now we make a bet for a rise again. 

Oh, the system froze for a while, but that’s ok. We bet for a rise. It seems that everything points to the fact that the market will grow – but no, it is still falling. So sometimes you don’t know which is more absurd – the market of binary options or the Martingale system. In fact, a lot of people earn with binary options, including me. Now we bet for a fall – $1 for a fall. A kind of straight winning series. 

Do not miss

But I think, we will soon start losing. он не просто важно указать вам что наша I just need to show you that our strategy is working in 99% cases. My friend is also playing binary options, he was the one who hooked me on. At first, I did not trust binary options much, but after I tried the Martingale strategy, I started making very good money. Here again, we have lost, now we bet $3 for a rise – – it is absurd, but... I should have waited, of course, again, I'm in a hurry. I usually do not do so, but that’s ok. We have time to think about where to bet, up to this mark here. So, I play about three hours per day, and over this time I make about $200 – well, from $100 to $300. 

I can’t make more because it's a chore – make the bet for a rise, make the bet for a fall – nothing special. My friend does not play by the Martingale system it’s too boring for him so he uses his own strategies, but I do not really understand them, because that's where you need experience. So, we have regained our loss again and already won this amount. I would like to show you a more complex version where we are losing 7-8 times, but it is very difficult to achieve such losses. 

5. Stay away from these losses

In fact, my biggest loss was 7 times – I have not guessed the bet right 7 times in a row, but in the end, I still regained my deposit. I replenished my account once and achieved this level. Well, let's try again. поставил вверх I would bet for a rise. I do not remember in what direction we bet last time, but I will bet for a rise – 

I think that the market will go up I believe that everyone should just try the Martingale system, even on a demo account – on a demo account, you have no obligations, you just sign up, log in and you have the $1,000 bonus – it is orange, you log in and test the system. I can guarantee that you will not lose your deposit with this system, that's for sure. 

Once again, we are losing. Everyone bets for a rise. This is a scale that shows where you need to bet. Everyone bets for a rise, and we have bet for a rise. Now our task is to bet for a fall, no matter how absurd it would sound. We'll have to bet for a fall. Maybe we can wait for a better position... 

6. Conclusion

Or we can wait for the worse. Well, now it’s fine, we bet for a fall, although it would seem right to bet for a rise. I am amazed by the market itself. You probably need to have some financial education to understand why it is moving like this but for ordinary people, who do not delve too much much into the binary options and financial markets, this strategy is just perfect. Here we have regained the money spent. 

So, guys, I won’t waste your time anymore. Look at the beginning, with how much we started and what was the outcome. My account is real, I show you a video in real time, so it is simply impossible not to trust this article. It you have doubts, sign up, register a demo account and try it. I recommend it to everyone. Subscribe to my channel, thanks to everyone, bye.

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